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Cyber Security does not happen by accident

Having a good day-to-day IT support team does not guarantee that you are invulnerable to attack; sometimes you need specialist cyber security advice and support to keep you ahead of the hackers. Knowing who to turn to before, during and after a cyber incident is half the battle – that’s why you need to be Cyber Set.


Breaches result of human error


Cybercrime up during covid


Data breaches involved small businesses


Businesses lost money

Official Statistics: Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021, Published 24 March 2021

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage, inform and protect organisations of all sizes. We have found that many organisations don’t take cyber security as seriously as they should – especially if they have been lucky enough to never suffer at attack. The first time cyber security hits the agenda of senior management is often after the horse has bolted – when they’ve already lost data or suffered financial losses.

Cybercrime is big business and is on the rise – we want to put a stop to that trend. Through education, resources and learning materials our aim is to make cyber security accessible for every team and every organisation – no matter their technical skill.

CyberSet is the cyber security department of Geek-Guru. Geek-Guru is a midlands based MSP that’s been keeping our clients secure against cyber threats for over 15 years.

CyberSet Cyber Security

Our Learning Centre

Effective cyber security does not happen by accident. Our learning centre is a resource that you’ll want to keep coming back to.

From how-to guides to case studies, boilerplate policies to training videos. CyberSet is all about giving you the tools you need to keep your organisation secure – and it is completely FREE.

Case Studies


All too common mistakes lead to the encryption (and ransom) of a company’s data by hackers. Adoption of a simple compliance program, such as cyber-essentials, would have prevented this attack – almost certainly costing less to implement than the cost of the hack.


A client contacted us because they wanted to pass their ISO27001 accreditation. They’d struggled with the complexity of implementing the ISO standard and management felt CyberSet would have a great chance of succesfully implementing this complex standard.


A charitable organisation contacted us because they were concerned about GDPR compliance and IT security. After discussing the organisations current security stance, we suggested that working toward cyber essentials would be a good idea.